We manage Thousands in profitable monthly ad spend across Facebook, Google and Youtube and are behind the growth of some of the world’s Fastest Growing SaaS Companies

Attract, Nurture, Convert

Same Lean Marketing Principles As Ever...

Everything Begins and Ends with Understanding Your Customers and What Drives Them To Action

Supercharge Your Conversions and drive Down Your Customer Acquisition costs

let Our Copywriting, Creative Input and Rapid a/B testing

Drive You More of your Ideal Customers, for less


Put our decades of Experience To Work on Your PPC Campaigns

Stop Scratching your head trying to keep up with Facebooks Algorithm

Spend More Time Doing What You Know

And watch Us Build, Measure and Learn our way to Massive ROI Campaigns for your Brand 

We manage £thousands in profitable monthly PPC Ad spend Driving Traffic Through Our Client’s Sales Funnels

We are behind the growth of some of the world’s Fastest Growing SaaS Companies


Our Goal is to make the only reason you ever need funding to be to make our Marketing Machines to work faster

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of how Plexy's PPC Campaigns Gained Hundreds of Profitable Customers For the 15th Fastest Growing App of 2019

That's not all...

Browse another Growth Service for your SaaS

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Sales Funnels and Copywriting

Combine your Channels to Drive Leads and Build Raving Prospects and Fans

SEO and Content

Drive high-volume organic traffic and leads

Strategy - Growth Hacking

Not sure how to get to the next level?

Web Design

High-converting Landing Pages and Marketing sites.

Fast, Visually Stunning and Written to persuade....

Email Marketing and Chatbots

Convert 4x Faster while you build your Lists and Brand


Optimise and Scale your ROI through FacebooK, Google, Bing or Linkedin...

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SaaS Growth For Good

Learn The Incredibly Valuable Secrets of The World’s Most Successful SaaS Entrepreneurs

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Who we work with

From Esports to Facilities Management to Real Estate SaaS, we are proud to have scaled some of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies

Feedback like This

makes all the hard work worth it

"We engaged Plexy to support our building of Facebook and Messenger campaigns. They plunged head-first into planning, setup, messaging, re-engagement and creatives.

Their impact was felt immediately via a double-digit increase in response, acquisition and a 33% reduction in ad spend from their very first effort.

They took the time to understand our business objectives and what was necessary to ensure we stayed within compliance regulations.

They are organized, reliable, flexible, professional and delivers both on time and on budget. It doesn’t hurt that they're very likable as well.

If your organization is looking for an external resource to help boost your Facebook, Chatbot or Copywriting effectiveness, I am happy to recommend Plexy to you."
Celesd F Willoughby
Head of Marketing
Avantage Entertainment
"Plexy are fantastic and quickly picked up on what our market needs. I didn't have to teach them how to be effective with our target market - will definitely use again"
Vicki Kenny
Camp America NZ
"Plexy have been very patient with me in drawing out my campaign ad goals and clarifying my target audience. Very friendly and professional."
May Chee
Wise Invest
"I had a great experience working with Plexy! They have a lot of great Facebook Messenger knowledge and stay up to date with the newest updates 🙂 Really helpful speaking with them!"
Anthony Sistilli
Sora Web

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